Who says we can’t join in at Halloween?!


Brrr! The leaves are changing and there’s a chill in the air, this can only mean one thing autumn is in full swing and that means my favourite time of the year my Crohnies… HALLOWEEN!

Many a year have I had issues with finding the balance between a cool costume that is quite girly while not too showy yet still covers my own scars and I think this year I’ve cracked it… Miss Beetlejuice! I’ve found it’s perfect because firstly you’ll have a wig which is perfect since some of us have thinner hair plus dying/spraying your hair is a bit too much effort for one night! Next you can use make up that would use some prosthetic scars, even better if you have one or two of your own! Then the dress itself is very well made, it’s a brand new outfit for 2013 and it is the most professional looking costume I’ve saw on a budget! The only accessories I’ve added are a petticoat/tutu to make the skirt even fuller (you can even make your own with some netting and elastic for pennies!) and some super thick tights to hide my newly acquired scar on my leg and thrown on my old favourite military style boots to complete the look! Click the link to buy it online, even better if you’re lucky enough to find it on eBay or Amazon for even cheaper!


Happy (early) Halloween!!

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