Crohn’s and UC Survival Pack!

Crohn's and UC Survival Pack!

Good afternoon Crohnies! Here’s a great idea of an emergency IBD survival kit that I got from fellow Crohn’s blogger Claire Hunt ( Her great idea for a “butt bag” got me thinking, I’ve been diagnosed for 8 years and won’t let a soul see inside my handbag because it’s full of my tricks of the trade so I think it’s time to have a cute kit instead of everything falling out my bag at inappropriate moments!

I’ve just ordered this gorgeous make up bag (small and handy plus no one would look twice at it other than to comment on how pretty it is!) from Not on The High Street, I love the irony of “every cloud has a silver lining and trust me when you need what’s inside it definitely will be a silver lining to your embarrassment.

Now you can’t just have an empty bag so I’ll be filling mines with:
– Imodium
– any medicines which you’ll need through the day
– any medical cards like steroid information, allergies etc
– sanitary towels, in case of feeling like you may get caught short
– spare underwear
– perfume/aftershave/air freshener
– baby wipes
– nappy bags
– radar key (to access disabled toilets)
– I also carry some boiled sweets in case I get low sugar levels or feel faint!

I hope that this will help some of you out of some uncomfortable situations with a little more ease than before!

Also thanks to Claire for letting me do a post on her idea! Follow her on Twitter too @clairey1305

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